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Wildlife Cams
We have installed remote cameras around the lodge which serve as a useful way of capturing more wildlife activity. Here is a selection of the best pictures.
  10 Wildlife Cams of the fauna in Tambopata rainforest
Red-brocket Deer 2009-04-09
Brazilian Tapir 2009-03-23
Brazilian Tapir 2009-03-03
Brazilian Tapir 2009-03-03
White-lipped Peccary 2010-02-19
Ocelot 2010-06-13
Brazilian Rabbit 2010-07-22
Ocelot 2010-08-08
Brazilian Rabbit 2010-06-13
Brazilian Rabbit 2010-06-13
Tour Jungle Adventure

Enjoy 3 Days in the Tambopata National Reserve Search for Caiman, Giant River Otters, Birds, Jaguars and Enjoy our Unsurpassed Warm Hospitality.

News letter
July 2013
Recent Notable Sightings,Schrdingers Jaguar,The Friaje Strikes Bac
Tour jungle expedition

Visit and Explore the Pristine Nature in the Tambopata National Reserve during 5 Days with a Visit to a Spectacular Clay Lick with literally Hundreds of Macaws and Parrots in an Overnight Tented Camp and a Chance to Spot Jaguars, Giant River Otters, Caiman and Capybaras during the Tour.

July 2013
- 2 new RNs: Chrissie and Daniel arrived, Stefan collected them from
Tour Mystic Adventure

Explore your Inner Self and Spirituality with a Shaman during an Ayahuasca Session. Let the Universe Guide You during this Life Changing Experience and Feel the Rainforest Call You During Your 4 Day Stay to Enjoy its Beauty and Allow You to Share in on its Secrets

Photo gallery
Red and Green Macaw (close-up) 5Red and Green Macaw (close-up) 5
Tour Bird Watching

Are You an Experienced Birdwatcher or You Just Like Birds and Nature? We Offer You Access During 7 Days to a World Record Area for Birds with Unsurpassed Chances to Get Not Only One but Several Lifers. At the Core of the Tambopata National Reserve Surrounded by 12 Different itats and Accompanied By a Local Experienced Birding Guide Will Make This Tour a Very Special Experience.

Wildlife Cams
Red-brocket Deer 2009-04-09Red-brocket Deer 2009-04-09

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